Downgrade / upgrade Windows

Upgrade Windows

More than 90 % of computers over the world use Windows systém, whether it would be the retired Windows XP, old Windows Vista, or Windows 7, Windows 8 or the newest Windows 8.1 (Windows BLUE). When Microsoft releases new version, there is always an offer to buy for less an upgrade to the new version, or downgrade to the former sytem. In case you have questions on the possilble upgrade or downgrade of the Windows system, contact us on email


The service includes:

– Consultation

– Purchasing of the chosen version of Windows, according to customers desire and needs (not included in the service charge)

– Installation of Windows and drivers

– Installation of other programmes, as codecs for video viewers, flash player for website correct display etc…

– User programme installation

– Data backup (not included in the service charge, determined by the data volume)


What Windows upgrade is?

Windows upgrade is a transition process from older version of the opertaing systém to a newer one. You can even step over several versions at once. The only limitation is used hardware, which may not be suitable for the newest version. Upgrade installation may require chceking the origin, i.e. if the previous version was obtained legally. Upgrade can be processed as pure installation, which is recommended. In some cases the system can be upgraded to a newer version without data and settings change, but this procedure is not recommended. Upgrade is available for lower prices always in time, when Microsoft releases new Windows version. This offer is limited for certain time period.

What Windows downgrade is?

Product downgrade represents the use of older or lower Windows version, in comparison with the version bought together with the computer or notebook. The reasons for this step can be e.g. Insufficient hardware or incompatibility with applications needed by the user. While upgrade is relatively in favour in terms of prices, downgrade is almost always a question of new licence purchase, as standard downgrade can be used only with the operation system highest versions, bought predominantly by companies. In case of personal customer would downgrade represent purchase of the higher version of Windows, which the user already has, and then transfer to the lower version. This way can be even more expensive, than direct purchase of the lower version licence.

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