Virus removal

odvirováníHow do I recognize that the computer was attacked by virus?

When the computer freezes without reasons, gets slow, the lamp of hard drive operation is permanently lit, icons on the desktop randomly appear or disappear – all the mentioned things may be symptoms of virus attack.

In the past, computer virus was typical by destruction, it was targetted to destroy programmes, Windows systém, or even the hardware. The authors prepared them for fun and without deeper meaning. Todays viruses are much more mean and dangerous. They tend to be hidden for longer time to cause more harm. The purpose of todays viruses can be devided
into two parts.

1) They abuse your computer for ilegal oprations as spam
     message sending and attacking other computers

2) They track your activities, steel your identity, login data for
     internet banking, PayPal, email, social networks, such as
     facebook, Twitter, People and others. This tracking leads
     to sending you targetted spam message, offer false
     websites, etc.

Common practice is, that after the virus gets into your computer, it downloads also ither computer bugs
and viruses of both categories.

Some viruses can be removed and continue to use the computer without Windows reinstallation,
it depends on the aggressivity and number of viruses. Even after virus removal, it can return through
the „open“ back door.


The service includes

– Diagnostics
– Consultation
– Virus removal
– Data backup (not included in the service charge)
– Windows reinstallation*

* In case the viruses could not be removed and the systém is demaged,
  the Windows system has to be reinstalled the virus removal service will not be charged

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