PC / notebook upgrade

upgradeOne year ago the notebook of highest price, computer with highest performance for games, but today only average product. The performance can be sometimes enhanced by installing a new component.


The service includes

– Consultation

– Choosing the most effective components
   for performance enhancement

– Purchasing the original parts for exchange

– New components installation

– Windows reinstallation (if needed)

– Backup data restoration

– Components running in/ systém functionality check


What can be upgraded on a notebook?

– Processor – CPU (with selected models)

– RAM memory

– Hard drive HDD

– Optical drive

– Display (with selected models)

– Keyboard (with selected models)

– Batery


What can be upgraded on a PC

– Power supply unit

– Graphic card (GPU)

– Motherboard

– Processor (CPU)

– RAM memory

– Hard drive

– Cooling (processor, graphic card, case cooling systém)

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