Building new computer

pcCan you decide whether to prefer a notebook or a desktop computer? If you choose a computer, what kind would it be? Buy a ready complet of a known brand or build a computer by parts? If you decide not to have a ready complet of a known brand, ususally with lowend components, complet which often is unupgradable, then we are ready to fulfill your wishes. We will build a computer according to your needs and requirements, we communicate with each customer in order to satisfy his wishes. The setup is built always of high quality components, that exhibit good ratio value for money. We always do our best to satisfy your wishes, whether you need a computer for office work or high performance setup for games.

The service includes

– Consultation

– Components purchase

– Building the computer

– Windows / Linux installation (need to buy or deliver original disk with licence number),

– Data transfer from the old computer

– Components running in (check at 100 % load)

– Installation and presentment at the customer

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