Home network setting

wifiWhen you have at home several computers, notebooks, tablets, smartphones or other devices with multimedia content, you often meet the situation, that the song or film is in other device, than you are currently using. Instead of carrying data over flashdisk and running from device to another, you can setup data sharing among the given devices, or obtain a network disk, or NAS server. Thanks to data sharing all the devices are interconnected and you can play the movie being stored in one computer on another device, e.g. your tablet. You can download the MP3 to your phone a leave with you favoutite music.


The service includes

– Consultation

– Internet connection settings

– Device connection to wifi or ethernet (cabel)

– Device settings

– Home network group assembling

– Access rights settings


 What devices can be connected to the network

– Desktop computer

– laptop

– Printer (network, USB, or LPT)

– Mobile phone

– tablet

– smart TV

– Multimedia devices


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