PC / notebook cleanup

vyčištění PCComputer or notebook cooling systems works practically as a vacuum cleaner – it sucks the cold air from the ambient space and blows the warm air out. Together with the cold air, all the dust and dirt particles present all around is sucked. All these impurities collect on the cooler ribbings, fan propeller and settles on any surface inside the computer. These dust and dirt particles couse heating of the computer or notebook, increase the noise a can lead to irreversible demage of the computer or notebook. The computer should be completely reassembled atleast once a year to clean it from the described impurities. In case the computer is in dusty environment, this procedure should be done in shorter intervals. Due to computer overheating the performace decreases and the lifetime is dramatically shorter.


The service includes

– Dust and impurities removal from the cooling system

– „Overpasting“ – High quality heat conducting pasta is used
  between the cooler, processor, garphic card and chipset.

– Fan check

– Cooling system replacement
  (spare parts are not inculded in service charge)

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