Contact form for remote assistance service

  • If you need help with some trouble on your computer or notebook, fill-in this form,
    or call us on phone number 724 826 377


How does it work?

  1. You can contact us through the below form or by calling phone number 724 826 377 pomoc na dálku
  2. We will send instructions to the indicated email address,
    to enable our remote access to your computer and us (via internet)
  3. Technician will analyze the fault – this analysis free of charge
  4. After consultation with you and explaining the
    next steps we will do the correction
  5. In the end, when the problem is solved,
    you will receive the data for service payment.


A dedicated aplication Teamviewer, is used for remote connection. We will help you via phone to install this application (just several mouse clicks), this application is free. The application has to be open and the login data given to the technician in order to obtain successful connection. The login data are changed in every new session, so that we cannot connect to your computer without your awareness. You can view the progress on your monitor, at anytime you can disconnect.

Name + Surname (compulsory)

Email adress (compulsory)

Phone number (compulsory)

Client´s number

What do you need help with?

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