Our philosophy

Motto: Profesional work should be done by profesionalists

o nasWith more than 10 years of experience with customer service in IT, we decided to offer you the easiest way of solving your problems with computers. We talk your language, you can understand what we say.

Service Remote assistance is dedicated for minor issues. In case the fault cannot be solved remotely, we are ready to visit you and solve the problem at your place.

Satisfaction guarantee

  • You pay for the removal of all defects
  • Repairs are done in the shortest possible time

Why to use service from us?

  • Computer health card – each computer has a health card at our office, where we note all the interventions, repairs or upgrades. In case of our help needed we immediately know, what device you have and how to repair the fault quickly.
  • Mobility – you do not have to travel with your broken notebook or computer. You need just to contact us via the form on internet on by phone number 724 826 377. Depending on the fault type we can repair it at your home, or we can také the device with us and return it after repair back, install it and let you check the performance.
  • Rapidness – we know very well that computer is today an important part of our live, and that is why we do all the repairs as fast as possible. We always look for the ideal solution for you.
  • Fair pricing – we build our prices in a way, they are reasonable with keeping the high quality. For some services we give price intervals, based on the demandingness of the work.
  • Fair negotiation – we do not hide behind empty words – we act!
    All here given words is our faith codex and customer satisfaction
  • Technical support by phone – if you are our customer already, you can use also our support and consultancy by phone

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